Well, since you ask me for a tale of Desert Island Discs

I believe I do have a timeline of events that you might find enlightening.

Currently in Broadcast order
  1. 1951 – York to London

    Newt tries to convince his father, Patrick, of the merits of appearing on Desert Island Discs to promote a new book that he has written.

    Patrick is very sceptical of the idea. His view is simply that the book is available for purchase and if people want to read it, they can do so.

  2. 1951 – London

    Patrick appears as a reluctant guest on Desert Island Discs. He is short and dismissive when asked questions and denies any interest in music.

    His first choice of record is titled Strangers on the Shore, which he chose because it concerns the seashore as you might find on a desert island.

  3. 1951 – London

    Patrick’s next choice for Desert Island Discs is a sound effects track depicting the sounds of a desert island, which he says he wouldn’t play anyway.

  4. 1951 – London

    Patrick’s final choice for Desert Island Discs is By the Sleepy Lagoon, once again following his literal desert island theme.

    He declines to choose a luxury to bring with him, but then surprises the host by choosing The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle by Beatrix Potter as his book.

    When asked why, he simply states that it is his favourite with no further elaboration. The host sighs and thanks him.